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The Power of Two

We have two offerings: Hapto Fit for Gym and Hapto Fit for Client

We have lots of features, but keeping the current pandemic in mind, here are two best ones: '24*7 Live Streaming' and 'Online Slot Booking.' We understand that the Fitness studios won't open for quite some time. Go ahead, use our live streaming feature, and your trainers can provide world-class training from the comforts of their homes.

Eventually, when the studios open, trainers can create a weekly timeline according to their availability, and the clients can book these slots through our 'online slot booking' feature. But that's not all. Instant Nutrition Plans, Personal Wellness Advisory is part of the package to help you track wellness goals and progress. Do not once worry about upgrading your software or trainer-client relationship management. Hapto Fit has created a smooth user journey for you and your clients

We are a team of Nutrition Scientists, Doctors, and Engineers creating the ultimate solution for Fitness Studios. By co-partnering with you, we use 'The Power of Two' Need more convincing? Our Trainer app lets you schedule your client's entire week's fitness calendar and give feedback. How? With the help of our ‘Personalised Gym Community’ Feature . Yes, it's a members-only private community for your Fitness Studio where you can share information, ask questions, build trust and fitness. Ready to make the life of your Fitness Studio more lively than ever?

Join us to enjoy The Power of Two - Hapto Fit and YOU!

Our Services Tailored for your Clients

Our motto is the Digital Transformation of the Gyms, for the Gyms, and by the Gyms.

Instant Nutrition Plan and Adherence

Join our network and build innovative tools for your Clients. We provide well-balanced Macro and Micro Nutrient distribution in which all deficiencies of your Clients would be taken care of including Vitamin deficiencies, intolerances and Medical history. Our AI would learn, track and improve your Clients likelihood of hitting their goals.

Fitness Planner and

This feature allows you to plan everything. You can schedule individual workouts for your clients, type of exercises, and the timeline of these workouts. Our app has an inbuilt custom workout planner for every trainer to cater to his clients according to their fancies with ease and even track his adherence.

Personalised Fitness

With Hapto Fit's technology, you can take your Fitness Studio Online. With our 'Live Streaming' feature, trainers can provide live training and fitness activities from anywhere in the world. But the story isn't over yet.Well, we have brought your community online through our '24*7 Active community'. It is a private members-only community for a particular Fitness Studio.

Holistic Wellness

We also provide Wellness Advisory through monitoring of indicative health parameters such as stress, sleep, holistic wellness to achieve a balanced mental health in a quantified manner through Measurable inputs and Analytics. Our AI would learn, track and improve your Clients likelihood of achieving their goals.

On-Demand Live Streaming

Go Live from your Gym

Fixed charges on hourly basis
Optimum package of 60min per day
Volume based discounts

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